Mayor Kane, Champion of Knox County

Kane, the big red machine, is going to be the newest mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.  Boy did this get me excited!  Full disclosure, I watched WWE until my late 20’s, and Kane and Undertaker were among my favorites, so this got me a little pumped up!  I just may need to move to Tennessee now.


Glenn Jacobs (Republican) defeated Linda Haney (Democrat), via count-out, for the Tennessee Heavyweight Mayor Belt.  Here is a campaign ad for his race…

If you skipped the video, the highlights are:

To tag team with local businesses to have everything they need.

To allign with teachers and administrators to help the schools create a competitive and world class work force that will attract businesses and create jobs.

To choke slam the government, so that it remains open and transparent so that every citizen in Know County has a voice.

To FIGHT to keep government small and keep taxes low.

kane logo

In WWE, Kane would come to the ring, raise his arms very dramatically, then drop the quickly as flames spew from the corners.  AND HE HAS FLAMES IN HIS LOGO!  Had I lived in Tennessee, I absolutely would’ve voted for him.  I would like to finish this by wishing Glenn Jacobs the best of luck, and congratulations.


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