Top 5 Awesome and Hilarious DONALD TRUMP Products

This is a little different than what I normally write about, but there are some pretty neat products that has been made because of Donald Trump.  This is also my opinion on some of my favorite Donald Trump merch, I don’t have an objective way to see the “BEST” products.

1. Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal


First, we got Donald Trump’s book, the “Art of the Deal”.  Read this and pretty much everything he does makes sense.  If the Democrats would have read it for the 2016 election, they would’ve been better prepared to face him, but that doesn’t mean they would have won.

2. Donald Trump Coins – 20 Pack Gold Plate – .999 SilverGold/Black

Coins are awesome collectibles or gifts.  Getting a nice silver or gold coin to a Trump hater can also be a hilarious gift.  What are they going to do? Throw away something that had value just because Trumps face is on it?  It could also be a waste of money…

3. “Make America Great Again” Hat


Who doesn’t want to be hit in public by someone with Trump Derangement Syndrome?  Well I hope no one does, but the MAGA hat is one of the best ways to show your support for our president.

4. Chia Donald Trump


Growing the Don’s hair has never been so easy, with the Chia Donald Trump.  Nostalgia will go wild while you grow the plant into the shape of Donald Trumps hair.  Who knew Chia was so political!?

5. Pencil Neck Adam Schiff Shirt


This has got to be one of the funniest things to come out of politics recently.  Donald Trump recently called Adam Schiff a “pencil neck” during one of his speeches.  Shortly after that, this shirt popped up online, and I about died laughing.  Don’t forget to pick up your own today.

Honorable Mention!!!

Donald Trump Bumper Sticker!



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