Donald Trump CALLS Democrats BLUFF on Sanctuary Cities

Donald Trump is going all in on a Democrat bluff, he is going to send illegal immigrants into Sanctuary Cities instead of detaining them.  Video is down below and it really aught to be witnessed just what a masterful troll Donald Trump is.  Regardless of what you call them; illegal aliens, undocumented citizens, etc.  It doesn’t really matter, they did not go through the processes to get in/stay in the country.

So how did these sanctuary cities start?  Democrats have been basically inviting illegal aliens to the United States.  When they get here, they are met with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) which then needs to vet them.  Most of them are deported back to their country.  They don’t like that ICE does that, so when they sneak across the border, there are certain city leaders that will not report them, or let ICE enforce the laws.  These laws were not made by Donald Trump, they were made by the legislative branch, also know as congress and senate.

Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 9.34.14 PM-01

Donald Trump is reacting to the declaration of the sanctuary cities, he is turning their logic on themselves.  If they want these illegal immigrants in our country, then they can take care of them.  This is the master troll himself calling the largest bluff in our recent history.  If it isn’t a bluff, then all these illegal immigrants will thrive in these sanctuary communities, right?

We all know that these people don’t ACTUALLY want the illegal immigrants in their areas, considering most high profile politicians – including Nancy Pelosi – have walls around their own houses.  These Illegal immigrants actually need help, but we are taking in so many, that we aren’t going to be able to take care of ourselves, let alone another country.  I don’t know the solution, but this isn’t sustainable…

Screenshot 2019-04-13 at 6.22.51 PM-01-01


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