Mayor Pete Buttigieg OFFICIALLY Runs for President

Mayor of South Bend Indiana, Pete Buttigueg has officially announced his 2020 candidacy for the Democrats.  “My name is Pete Buttigieg. They call me Mayor Pete. I am a proud son of South Bend, Indiana. And I am running for President of the United States.” I haven’t looked at the numbers in a while, but I think he is the 14,000,605th Democrat to announce.  Buttigieg is a Rhodes Scholar and Afghanistan veteran.

According to Buttigieg, “Make America Great Again” is a means of clinging to America’s past instead moving the country forward.

There’s a myth being sold to industrial and rural communities: the myth that we can stop the clock and turn it back. It comes from people who think the only way to reach communities like ours is through resentment and nostalgia, selling an impossible promise of returning to a bygone era that was never as great as advertised to begin with.

Buttigieg is still quite unknown, though his google trend spiked after the announcement.  He’s also caught some bad Conservative press by showing interest to appear on the Ben Shapiro Sunday Special, but won’t open return the call.  An interview with Ben Shapiro would probably hurt him though, because Ben is a very evil bad man and shouldn’t be associated with – according to left wing press (paraphrased).

Screenshot 2019-04-15 at 1.38.21 AM-01

So what makes Mayor Pete stand out from the giant crowd of Democrats running?  He would be the first openly gay nominee of a major presidential party.  Because intersectionality is what is important.

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