Facebook Is WATCHING You, Accidentally Tells THOUSANDS of Oculus Users

Facebook left behind it’s true intentions in tens of thousands of it’s virtual reality headsets. Some “Easter eggs” that stated, Big Brother is watching” doesn’t exactly bode well with a company that has been plagued with bad press for it’s obtrusive privacy policies. Statement is below.

Right Facebook, we REALLY believe you. Nate Mitchell is the cofounder of Oculus, which was bought by Facebook some time ago. The Cambridge Analytica Scandal has rocked Facebook’s privacy world, being exposed to how much of it’s users personal information is getting leaked. That scandal is still having a HUGE impact for it’s user base.

Well, according to a study conducted by Pew Research Center, it’s time to reconsider the toll these events have taken. Many Facebook users have begun to rethink their relationship with the app. In fact, the report shows as many as 40-percent of U.S. users have taken a break from checking the app for several weeks on end. Additionally, 44-percent of younger users in the United States have deleted the app off of their phone entirely, a software company’s worst nightmare in the mobile-friendly world we live in.

Excerpt from – www.inc.com

Personally I’ve entirely stopped using my Facebook since then. For different reasons, but I’ve downloaded my data and seen what they know about me. The only REAL thing I had a problem with is that they downloaded my phones address book, and they DID have my number even though I refused to tell them it (Which Messanger reminded me every time I opened it). No thanks Facebook, please stop watching me, and asking for the government to regulate you is a sure fire way to get your users to leave in larger numbers.

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