TorrentFreak Publishes NEWS, Starz has Twitter REMOVE Post

The headlines around the internet is about “Starz Issues Apology to TorrentFreak”, but the actual story is that the social media giant Twitter, is taking down news because someone didn’t like the contents. If you Google “Starz Torrentfreak”, most articles you will see are about the apology and not the actual story.

What Happened?

TorrentFreak published an article about how a a bunch of shows got leaked before they are aired. This is not out of the ordinary for TorrentFreak to write about considering this is what they do, cover digital piracy.

Unreleased episodes of several high-profile TV-shows including American Gods, The 100, Bless This Mess, and Knightfall have leaked online. The leaks appear to come from promotional screeners, some of which carry revealing watermarks. The pirate releases are sponsored by a Russian gambling site.


The leaks contained several unreleased episodes of Starz’s series, “American Gods”. To the people reading TorrentFreak articles, this is a big deal, but it wouldn’t be to the average person. As with all things, they posted it to Twitter dot com, the most wholesome, non toxic website out there. The post was just a simple description with an image and a link to the article.

Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 9.34.14 PM-01

Shortly after the post, it got taken down due to a complaint from The Social Element Agency for copyright infringement, on behalf of Starz. It has been put back onto Twitter after the “apology”.

The actual story is being covered up because “Starz apologized”. Why aren’t people talking about how a social network took down a news article because of copyright claims? How is a news article copyrighted? Twitter has been under a ton of scrutiny because of it’s heavy hand of banning people for sometimes no reason. Imagine a day when social media sites can just be asked to take down a news article because it is counter productive to someone else, then they do it without looking into it. Oh wait, we don’t have to imagine, we are seeing it now, and hardly anyone is talking about it. This may just be one incident, but this is what they call a slippery slope. If we don’t make a fuss about this, then there will be another, then another, then another, and eventually its YOUR content. I may be being a little over dramatic about this, but both things can be true at the same time.

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