Netflix PROVES it is WOKE With Public Service Announcement

Netflix, the movie streaming company that proved to me that I’m actually a boomer because I remember a time they used to send DVD’s through the mail, has a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! The best kind of announcement, especially while Notre Dame was literally on fire, they decided to let everyone know that the term “chick flick” has got to go.

Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 9.34.14 PM-01

Quick PSA: Can we stop calling films “chick flicks” unless the films are literally about small baby chickens? Here’s why this phrase should absolutely be retired

For starters, “chick flicks” are traditionally synonymous with romantic comedies. This suggests that women are the only people interested in 1. Romance 2. Comedy. Which I can promise from the men I’ve come across in my life – simply isn’t true.

There aren’t sweeping categories specific to men. You don’t hear people asking to watch “man movies” – instead, pretty much every intersection of genre is on the table and seen as for men, except of course, the aforementioned rom-coms.

The term also cheapens the work that goes into making these types of films. Romantic comedies and/or films centered around female leads go through just as much editing, consideration, and rewriting as any other film.

And nicknaming films “chick flicks” drives home that there’s something trivial about watching them. But what’s trivial about watching a film that makes you feel 1,000 emotions in ~90 minutes?

Overall, there’s nothing inherently gendered about liking a light-hearted film with a strong female lead and emotional arc. So next time you call something a “chick flick,” you better be referring to Chicken Run

– Thread of Tweets from Netflix

My main issue I take with this is that there ARE movie categories targeting men. What kind of movie is Die Hard? Or the Terminator? Their target audience was men, does anyone care if we called them bro films? There is a video game dedicated to the “Bro” genre of movies called Broforce. I’ve never heard anyone call a chick flick a chick flick because it’s derogatory.

On a more serious note, do people even use the term anymore? I don’t think I’ve heard it in about ten or so years. So maybe Netflix is the bigot here. So thanks for the lecture Netflix, I’m so glad you shared that with us. By the way… Get woke get broke as Jeremy from the Quartering says.

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