Never Ending Russian HOAX, Pelosi and Schumer Call Mueller to TESTIFY

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer don’t seem to understand the purpose of the Mueller report. Since it came out and it did not implicate Donald Trump in a Russian collusion scheme, they are calling on Robert Mueller to appear in front of Congress and the Senate to testify. Attorney General William Barr made it pretty clear there was no collusion, and considering Robert Mueller worked with William Barr to get this report out, I don’t see this being very productive. This is why investors say to diversify, people with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) have put all their gambits into this one issue and the house just called to collect the debt.

“Attorney General Barr’s regrettably partisan handling of the Mueller report, including his slanted March 24th summary letter, his irresponsible testimony before Congress last week, and his indefensible plan to spin the report in a press conference later this morning — hours before he allows the public or Congress to see it — have resulted in a crisis of confidence in his independence and impartiality. We believe the only way to begin restoring public trust in the handling of the Special Counsel’s investigation is for Special Counsel Mueller himself to provide public testimony in the House and Senate as soon as possible. The American people deserve to hear the truth.” – Official Speaker of the House Website

The TDS is so bad, this guy even got Robert Mueller tattoo’d on his back, and he is STILL doubling down and wants the entire report tattoo’s. He claims to be a comedian at least, and comedy is subjective.

Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 9.34.14 PM-01

Did you buy into the Russian hoax? Are you a prisoner of TDS? Is your Mueller tattoo dry yet? Sound off in the comments down below and keep the Mueller report going.

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