Colleges Now Teach Students HOW To SPEAK to Each Other

***This is almost all an opinion piece. I may not be right about the subject but I think I have insight to share***

Intergroup dialogue isn’t a new class, but it’s the first time I’ve heard of it. You can pay your college to teach you how to talk to other students and even navigate the strange world of disagreeing with people.

Religion, the president, and the Mueller Report can all be catalysts for potentially damaging arguments and online fights.

The Mueller report has lots of people talking this week, and Central Michigan University wants to teach their students how to talk through controversial topics respectfully.

Their Intergroup Dialogue Program takes a deeper look at how to handle these kinds of conversations face to face and online.

9 and 10 News in Michigan

That’s right, all these terrible – no good – bad – damaging arguments can now be talked about in the safe space of your local college. Have we become so reliant on college that we need it to learn to speak to one another? What is the point of high school if anything worth while learning comes from college? Am I such a boomer that I think it’s insane that we aren’t teaching the next generation to speak to each other and disagree until COLLEGE?! Here is another passage talking about what should be common sense, from the article at 9 and 10 news.

Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 9.34.14 PM-01

PAIRS stands for Pan, Ask, Interrupt, Relate and Share.

Each word in the acronym can help you have a more meaningful conversation with someone who you disagree with.

Pan: Pan the environment and notice your feelings and those of other people. Gauge what impact your statement makes to the group.

Ask: Ask for more specifics about a person’s comment or behavior. Ask without judgement and seek to understand.

Interrupt: Slow down the conversation if you need to take a step back if things get too heated.

Relate: Show that you’re empathetic to another person and see if your own experiences have common ground with someone else’s.

Share: Disclose stories, examples or feelings you have related to the flow of conversation.

I can’t be the only one that feels all this is basic human interaction. I feel like this is something our elementary students should be learning. Our high schools certainly aren’t creating any substantive skills anymore, college has taken over that entirely and that isn’t a good thing. As college opens up to more people, you have to adjust the standards so students aren’t left behind, and the college needs to keep its statistics up so they can continue to get more students. With lower standards brings more students with lower IQ’s, which perpetrates them to let more students get degrees with lower standards to keep the statistics up. Now you have more lower IQ students getting more degrees and when they hit the real world their degrees are useless. What’s next, is college going to become the new high school and there be another form of “higher” education? We haven’t even got into the crushing debt.

For more information on what “Intergroup Dialogue” is, go here.

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