Sri Lanka Victims Labeled EASTER WORSHIPPERS Instead of Christians?

The tropical island, Sri Lanka seen a horrific terror bombings on Easter.  There were nine bombings, the death total hit 290 (as of writing this) and wounded about 450 others.  The bombers targeted Christians and guests by hitting three churches and four hotels.  According to United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, several U.S. citizens we among the killed.  Sri Lanka’s government also blocked social media sites to contain fake news.  Which was an odd choice since you can get more accurate reporting from random people on the internet than the media companies (Look up Covington Catholic scandal). They have also arrested 13 suspects, but the attacks appear to be from suicide bombers.

So this has all been covered well and its extremely heart wrenching.  But what is the REAL lesson here?  (It’s not actually a lesson, it’s just something really weird, which is what I like to cover.  File the rest of this blog post into the “dumb things for unknown reasons” folder.)

Why are prominent United States politicians calling the Sri Lanka victims “Easter Worshippers”?  Did I miss a memo where Easter became a God or something?  Aren’t they called Christians?  Also why didn’t Google do a Google doodle for Easter?  They do a doodle for everything on their home page!

They will host these on their main site…


But they don’t do one for Easter?  It’s very odd to say the least.  The other search engines did something for Easter, maybe it’s just time Christians move to Bing.  By the way, never research how much Google knows about you, it’s pretty creepy and possibly far worse than some of the shenanigans Facebook has been up to.  But at the very least, Google hasn’t leaked millions upon millions of users personal information, unless they did and it’s been covered up…

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