The Allegory of the Cave is More Relevant NOW Than EVER


Imagine there are people that have lived their whole lives chained in a cave. They are forced to stare at the wall ahead of them. Behind them is a fire with flickering light projecting images of various shapes onto the wall – people, animals, trees – They believe THAT is reality.


One day, one of the men breaks his chains and turns his head for the first time in his life, to see the fire and the shapes and it’s startling. He thinks to himself, “I thought this was real but I’ve only seen the shadows!” He notices the path beyond the fire, curious he starts to climb the long pathway, one step at a time.


Finally he emerges to see the sunlight and the shadows and the trees – It’s the REAL world and it is not of the fire. He realizes he has spent his whole life in a false reality. But his companions are still in the cave! He takes a moment to bask in the sun’s glory for a moment before he heads back in with excitement and anticipation.


He is overjoyed to tell them all of what he witnessed and bring them to the surface. When he arrives he grabs their chains and tries to break them free! But they do not thank him, they do not praise him – They call him MAD and DERANGED, there is NO appreciation for his wisdom and courage.


“But these are LIES! This is not REAL!” he shouts, but they do not listen. They choose to remain chained to all they know – as slaves. As he exits the cave to the natural world and leave those that shun him for a life of solitude.

We are the enslaved, and the mainstream media and the big tech companies are the flame. They project an illusory world through our phones, our monitors, our televisions, even our watches. We are told by them what is right, what is wrong, who tells the truth, who lies, who we love, who we hate. THOSE are the shadows, those are the false reality they need us to believe in so they can control us. Are you going to live in the manufactured reality they made for us, do you chose to be stuck in their shadows blindly following their rules? Or do we go back through the path and break the shackles so we can be free. We must take back the enslaved minds, from the false reality of those that would control us. However…

Fundamentally you cannot control what someone thinks, because once they think, they are beyond your control.

– Stefan Molyneuax

This was inspired by Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and is an alteration of Stefan Molyneux’s speech from Hoaxed for a written format. This is not a direct transcription.

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