Another Democrat NPC Joins the PRESIDENTIAL Fray

***After writing this, I realized I’m talking negatively about a veteran, which isn’t the kind of message I want to put out. The reason I call them NPC’s is because there are so many of the running with the same messages, they are hard to tell them apart. I do respect Seth Moulton’s service and do not wish to diminish that***

Democratic NPC (Non Playable Character) 14,000,606 has announced his presidency run, also known as Seth Moulton. He’s a Congress Representative from Massachusetts and Marine veteran. He’s also known for being part of an unsuccessful coup against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 9.34.14 PM-01

“I’m running because orange man bad, and I want us to beat bad orange man because I love this country. We’ve never been a country that gets everything right. But we’re a country that, at our best, thinks that we might.”

– Slightly paraphrased quote from Seth Moulton

My question is always, what differentiates this NPC presidential candidate from the others?

“I’m not a socialist, I’m a Democrat, and I want to make that clear. And maybe that’s a differentiator for me in this race.”

Seth Moulton from Good Morning America

That’s good news, we need less socialists running for president. He has a long way to go still, the DNC requires presidential candidates reach donations from 65,000 people from 20 states or by reaching 1% in at least three polls, just to get a debate with the others.

The donation part is what makes me think there are so many Democrats running. It feels like so many are going for it because of the donation money. As they start to drop like flies, the money they raised gets passed up the chain, and once the final nominee get to face Trump they will be loaded. Kind of feels like a backwards pyramid scheme, the money you raise goes to the people you lose to. The only ones that seem to be taking it seriously are Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang. Tulsi has been hitting politics hard as an antiwar candidate. And Andrew Yang (from what I understand) wants to do away with most welfare programs and provide a universal basic income of $1000 (or Yang bucks) to everyone that opts out of the current system. Andrew Yang has also been landing tons of interviews that other Democrats won’t do such as Joe Rogan’s podcast or Ben Shapiro’s Sunday Special.

Can NPC 14,000,606 stand against the crowd? Will he make it to the debate stage? Will his “I’m not a socialist” statement get him enough support, or are there too many millennial socialists out there? It’s going to be an interesting Democratic race at least.

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