Sleepy Joe Biden Emerges For 2020, Memes Are BETTER Than EVER

Sleepy Joe Biden has announced his 2020 presidential bid. Joe Biden has been sitting the background waiting for the right time to announce for a long time. He’s also been leading nearly every poll up until this week when Bernie Sanders passed him. The name Sleepy Joe comes from President Donald Trump calling him that.


The ironic thing is that Bernie FINALLY passed him, and Joe Biden didn’t even announce yet. The next polls are probably going to really come out in full support of Joe Biden. I’m still rooting for Tulsi Gabbard to get up there on the debate stage at least, she has some topics I’d like to see Donald Trump talk about.

Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 11.55.46 PM-01-01

In the circles on the political right, Joe Biden has already been exposed for all the weird and creepy things he does. Paul Joseph Watson has a great video that points out a lot of the very creepy things he’s done.

Joe Biden seems to be running on an anti white supremacy message, which is weird because it’s already a highly shunned ideology. I don’t think people are going to fall for it anymore, most people don’t even know what white supremacy means, and there are hardly any white supremacists left.

The count of active groups that the civil rights organization labels as espousing hate climbed to 1,020, up from 784 four years ago, and was propelled by a rise in extremism, the center said. From 2017 to 2018 alone, the tally rose 7 percent.

USA Today Report on SPLC

In my opinion, if there is this many new hate group, it’s due to the political left’s huge push for racism against white people. The rise of Black Lives Matters is another contributing factor. Black Lives Matters serves a true need, but one of their goals is to segregate black people and white people again. We need to come together not spread apart, creating more tribes creates more conflict and makes our country and communities harder to talk to each other. Black Lives Matters stands on the opposite side of the spectrum that white supremacy does.

My favorite part of Sleepy Joe Biden running is the memes, and boy are there a lot of memes. I’ll leave a bunch of them down here for you to enjoy.

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trump coin.gif


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