Joe Biden Hits Three MAJOR Road Bumps After 2020 Announcement

Joe Biden’s problems just keep racking up, and all the problems are coming from within the Democratic party itself. First the radical wing jumps on the offensive, then Obama gives a statement but not an endorsement, and finally we have a recent Trump Curse victim jump on the Biden bandwagon. On to exhibit A –

Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 11.55.46 PM-01-01

The Justice Democrats are a group of radical Democrats basically trying to take over the party. Just as an example, they put up a bunch of people for Congress, most notably; Alexandria Ocasio Cortex, Rashida Tliab and Ilhan Omar. These people are highly devisive, extremely controversial, and extraordinarily annoying. But now they are going after Sleepy Joe Biden and that doesn’t bode well considering how much name fame and recognition the Justice Democrats have created lately. Anyway, on to exhibit B –

So the Obama spokesperson had something to say about 10 years ago, but no endorsement? Considering he was his pick of President in case of emergency, why wouldn’t he just straight up endorse him? Seems a little fishy to me, but we have one more stop and it’s a great one. I bring you, exhibit C, the best kind of exhibit –


Creepy Porn Lawyer, Micheal Avenatti endorsed Sleepy Uncle Joe Biden. If you’d like some background information on why this is a major problem, go here!

***I could not get a direct copy of the tweet from Michael Avenatti due to him being over loaded with people laughing at him and telling him to NOT endorse Joe Biden, he locked his account.***

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trump coin.gif

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