New United States RECORD Broken! Measles Reaches NEW Heights!

The first four months of 2019 has seen more measles cases than ever since the disease was considered eradicated. The Centers for Disease Control has confirmed 695 cases from 22 states.

The recent outbreaks started through importation. Measles is imported when an unvaccinated traveler visits a country where there is widespread measles transmission, gets infected with measles, and returns to the United States and exposes people in a community who are not vaccinated. When measles is imported into a community with a highly vaccinated population, outbreaks either don’t happen or are usually small. However, once measles is in an under-vaccinated community, it becomes difficult to control the spread of the disease.

– Centers for Disease Control

The CDC shared this graph April 19th (already outdated) and it shows just how bad it’s gotten this year.


Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 11.55.46 PM-01-01

We’ve now passed record 2014 and we aren’t even into May yet. Get vaccinated people, your body your choice only extends until you spread highly contagious viruses to small children that can’t have the vaccine yet. Anti-vaxxers are putting people at risk of diseases that should be eradicated in our country. We can’t control other countries (not for a lack of trying) but we can control this in our country. I understand there COULD be some potential risk for injecting your children with a strange concoction of an inactive virus, but this has been proven to work since 1963 to be effective at not letting your children potentially die.

Measles affects about 20 million people a year, primarily in the developing areas of Africa and Asia. While often regarded as a childhood illness, it can affect people of any age. It is one of the leading vaccine-preventable disease causes of death. In 1980, 2.6 million people died of it, and in 1990, 545,000 died

Measles Wikipedia

There are arguments to be made about measles just being a mildly annoying virus, but if you could take a pill to get rid of some mildly annoying headache would you take it? If there was a surgery to remove a potentially noncancerous mole, would you get it? My point is we take and do things to alleviate annoying things in our lives all the time. Measles can be dangerous at worst and extremely miserable at best, if you could avoid it, why not?

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