Tulsi Gabbard’s DELETED Video is Spot On

Tulsi Gabbard (the only non NPC Democratic presidential candidate) released a speech on twitter, but it quickly disappeared… EXCEPT for the people who noticed it’s message and quickly downloaded it. I’ll post it at the end, but it may not last long.

Tulsi Gabbard’s main message is that she wants to United States out of foreign conflicts. I don’t agree on a lot of the messages but this one absolutely hits the nail on the head. I also understand the argument that we need to go there so it doesn’t come home, but how do we know that we aren’t creating monsters elsewhere, that will eventually bring it home because of foreign wars? If there are any Democrats that make it in their primaries, it needs to be this woman. I would love to see Trump tackle some of the things she talks about, and she is not an insane Democrat like the others.

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The speculation on why this video was removed is because she speaks the truth about the Democratic party and how their hate is dragging everyone else down. I’ll leave a couple excerpts down below that I think are the reasons she pulled the video.

Yes it’s coming from within our own party, the most attacks I get are not from Republicans. They are from Democrats. They are from people in the mainstream media – They are people in the foreign policy establishment that you’re talking about. The people who represent the interests of the military industrial complex, but you know what, you know what? The answer to how we overcome this, it is us. It’s we the people. The stronger they come, the stronger we respond. We don’t respond to their dirty tactics or their hate with more hate. We respond with strength and love and our message of peace and humanity….

People will get into a lot of conversations about political tactics, and how do we win this race? And who’s going to beat Donald Trump? Bluntly, I might get in trouble for sating this. What does is matter if we beat Donald Trump if we end up with someone who will perpetuate the very same crony capitalist policies, corporate policies and waging more of these costly wars.

– Tulsi Gabbard, deleted video

Democrats are nuts, and Tulsi Gabbard may be the only one that hasn’t completely lost it. She still has to tow the Democratic party line though so most basic Democratic party policies will follow her.

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One thought on “Tulsi Gabbard’s DELETED Video is Spot On

  1. Tulsi Gabbard is the real deal. She’s an independent thinker who speaks truth to power no matter what. She is against interventionist wars which is why the MSM, MIC, and the establishment Democrats are against her—they’re afraid she’ll stop their gravy train. Tulsi also has a truly progressive domestic platform. My belief is that once she gets on the debate stage, that America will actually listen to HER. If they listen to Tulsi, they will love her! For more information about Tulsi and her stances on the important issues, check out: tulsigabbard.org


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