“Hunter Kelly” – Mayor Pete Gets ACCUSED of Sexual Assault in HOAX


BigLeaguePolitics.com has actually contacted the real Hunter Kelly and this appears to be a hoax by Jacob Wohl? You can click here to read their exclusive take. I’ll put up the full medium post below now that the original has been suspended.

As with all the white male presidential and supreme court candidates these days, Pete Butigieg reached the big day on the 28th – he has been accused of sexual assault by a 21 year old “Hunter Kelly”.  It’s now been confirmed that it was a hoax.

I was sexually assaulted by Mayor Pete Buttigieg. I didn’t know who he was back in February, only that he told me he was an important politician. When I started seeing him on television three weeks ago as a Presidential candidate, I thought about coming forward.

I am a gay man. I have been grappling with my identity for a number of years. I live, work, and attend college in rural Michigan. I know that by coming forward, I will make a hard life even harder. But I must do so — I must do so — for my country, for other gay men like me, and most importantly to stop a very bad man from becoming President of the United States.

I must confess that this is the toughest thing I have ever had to do. For two weeks now, I have been contemplating suicide. I see myself jumping from a building or a bridge. I know that years and years of counseling may lie in front of me.

– “Hunter Kelly” full Medium entry

Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 11.55.46 PM-01-01There was disbelief building quickly, such as this being “Hunter’s” first and only Medium post which was strange. Here are some twitter posts about it prior to finding out it was a hoax.

Even the Twitter account was made the same month everything else was coming up.

Screenshot 2019-04-29 at 5.36.51 PM-01.jpeg

Jacob Wohl, go away before you make things worse for the “side” you are trying to help.

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