Jacob Wohl Sets Up HOAX to TAKE DOWN Mayor Pete 2020

Who is Jacob Wohl and why should we care?

A 21 year old “conservative” made famous for his pro-Trump Twitter account. Twitter banned him for openly talking about the use of fake accounts to skew the next election… Smart. He was made infamous for running a hedge fund using money he raise from the people at his high school, then was banned from securities trading… Smart. As a puppet master, he pushed a hoax where a woman tried to accuse special counsel Robert Mueller of sexual assault, now is under FBI investigation… Smart. Most recently is accused of pushing ANOTHER sexual assault hoax by accusing Mayor Pete Buttigieg as “Hunter Kelly”, but he left voice recordings behind… Smart. These are just some examples, he’s embroiled in a ton of other scandals still.

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One client, David Diedrich, said Wohl told him his $75,000 investment had increased to more than $89,000. But when he asked for the funds, Wohl sent him a check for just $44,000, according to Bloomberg.


He built up a pretty large following on Twitter by pushing the pro-Trump tweets at all of the president’s tweets. With many of them going viral on the platform, people started to take notice of him and he was even on Fox Business Insider and wrote for the gateway pundit.

This is important because conservatives already disavow him but most of the media is going to try to push this on them because he is pro-Trump. This is not the type of stuff conservatives allow. Donald Trump has liked and retweeted some of Wohl’s posts but that doesn’t mean Donald Trump knew this guy was a nut job. To boil him down to the most simplistic terms – Jacob Wohl is a fraud, a troll, and a hoax hustler. The guy is a cancer on Donald Trump’s presidency and needs to stay away before he irreparably damages the 2020 race. Anyone actually trying to help a campaign wouldn’t do this crap!

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