The Venezuelan Civil War Has Begun

Today marks the day of the Venezuelan Civil War. Protesters were throwing stones and hitting the National Guard vehicles with sticks. Then a pro-Maduro, Venezuelan National Guard vehicle ran over protesters outside a military base in Caracas. The counter to Nicolás Maduro is Juan Guaido, who called on members of the military to rise up which was broadcasted on Periscope. If anyone knows of an translated version, leave a link in the comments. It’s been reported that CNN is being censored in the country (see below). There isn’t much more information yet, but all this started this (Tuesday April 30th) morning.


For all those people that want to limit our right to bear arms, this is what happens when the government gets to much control. Keep socialism out of our country, our government is already too large, stop voting in people that will make it larger.


Many people are pointing out that this is not a coup to overthrow Maduro, because Juan Guiado has LEGALLY took control of the Venezuelan Presidency.  Juan Guiado is attempting to take back the government.  I am not a legal expert, especially from Venezuela, but Maduro was the President, then Guiado took over… isn’t that a coup?  I think people are just arguing semantics.

Propaganda from both sides is going to be out in full force.  This is going to be very hard to follow.

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