Sleepy Joe Biden TAKES the Lead for 2020 Polls

Former Vice President, Sleepy Joe Biden, is ahead of his closest rival by 14 points.  Sleeping his way to the top!  Oh wait, that was another presidential candidate…  Joe Biden sits at 36 percent of the poll, and the next rival is Bernie Sanders at 22 percent.  I foretold this would happen in my original post about Joe Biden getting into the race.  I haven’t seen a poll that even shows Tulsi Gabbard and she’s pretty much the only one I’d like to see move forward.  I’ve been on the Trump train pretty much from the start and I’m not jumping off now, but as I’ve stated before I want to see some of the topics she fights for brought up to Trump.  This also isn’t a surprise, especially with her talking points from her deleted video, I have a strong feeling they are intentionally leaving her off polls because she isn’t towing the line the way they want her to.

Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 11.55.46 PM-01-01

The big problem I see with Joe Biden leading is the cover up of all his creepy “quirks”.  He overly touches people and whispers in kids ears very creepily.  Every white male politician gets the sexual assault claim thrown at them, but they just cover his up and then run defense?  Especially when you have people railing against Mike Pence for the opposite problem.  Mike Pence refuses to hold meetings that could be construed wrong without his wife present.  The #MeToo movement doesn’t care about Joe Biden being TOO “affectionate”…

I’ll leave you with a great clip of Sleepy Joe lulling his audience into a sleep.  What do you think?  Is Joe Biden a creep?  Or is he the best thing since sliced bread?  Comment down below lets keep this discussion going.

These polling results are based on 15,475 interviews with registered voters, collected from April 22-28 2019.

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