Political Theater At It’s Dumbest – CHICKEN BARR

Me: Opens internet browser.


Me: Closes internet browser.

They are now calling AG Barr, “Chicken Barr” because he did not show up to testify to Congress after testifying to the Senate.

Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 11.55.46 PM-01-01

The insane partisanship from the Mueller report is confusing as hell.  You have the Democrats (the left) and the Republicans (the right) writing their own stories about what it contained.  The right sees the Mueller report as what we’ve all already known, no collusion, no obstruction.  The left sees it as no collusion, to much obstruction.  I fall in the former category, when I read through the report, I seen a frustrated Donald Trump trying to not let some embarrassing acts not want to get out in public.  That doesn’t mean its obstruction, but the left can’t let it go.  They are mad because Attorney General William Barr did not charge President Donald Trump with obstruction of justice.  AG Barr testified for seven hours to the senate on the first of May, and in my opinion did a great job at exposing the left for it’s insane divisiveness.  Watch this small clip to see how insane the left has gone with this.

Let’s get to the “too long didn’t read” part.  The entire Mueller investigation was on the grounds of Donald Trump was “colluding” with the Russian government to undermine the 2016 election.  We then had a two year investigation and there is ZERO evidence that he colluded with the Russian government, but they are mad at William Barr because he did not prosecute Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.  How can you obstruct anything if nothing happened?  That would be similar to me saying, I did not steal that candy, and then when asked why I did not steal that candy I cannot answer so I just obstructed justice.

So why didn’t William Barr testify to congress?

The Justice Department has informed the House Judiciary Committee that Attorney General William Barr may skip a Thursday hearing on special counsel Robert Mueller’s report if committee lawyers seek to question him.

The Vindicator

He was pretty much planning to skip it all along, since this is old news now.  The Witch Hunt is over.  If the Democrats can’t drop it, this is only going to continue to hurt them, people do see how insane they are acting.

I’m just going to leave with this little clip of Lindsay Graham.

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