MSNBC Praises Children for SKIPPING School Because Orange Man Bad

In an MSNPC report, a group of kids skipping school to protest climate change are praised for missing 11 weeks of school (video at the bottom).

Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 11.55.46 PM-01-01

“So, I’ve been skipping school for 11 weeks now, and it is a sacrifice that we have to make.  We are missing important things but we realized that if we don’t skip this school we might not have a future. So we need to.”

These kids truly believe that we will not have a planet if the wrong candidate for 2020 is elected.  This is insane levels of indoctrination.  I’m not a climate scientist, but I am a boomer and I remember when Al Gore was giving the same type of rhetoric about global warming in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  Our world has lasted for 4.543 billion years, so I can’t imagine climate change is going to take us out in the next 12 years.  I also understand that CO2 levels have spiked with industrialized civilization, but maybe we should be protesting China instead of buying the latest iPhone they manufactured.  That we have this many children missing their school because of fear that our world is going to come to an end… It’s nonsense.  I am all for coming up with new “green” ways to do things, but protesting the planet is not going to help.  Electing the “green” presidential candidate is not going to fix the planet.  Stop indoctrinating children, and shame on you MSNPC for encouraging these children’s irrational fear just to get Donald Trump out of office.

“So it kind of makes me think that in the 2020 election, I’m scared for my future.  I’m scared that the politicians won’t be declaring a climate emergency, won’t be taking climate action, that’s why.”

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