Brian Sims PA Representative Harasses and Offers $100 to DOX Pro-Life Advocates

Live Action has highlighted some video from Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims, as he harasses and elderly woman peacefully advocating for lives of the unborn.  This is an ELECTED STATE REP harassing his own citizens.  I don’t actually know if he is in Pennsylvania during this, but how did this man get elected?

“Today’s protester, now she is an old white lady who is going to try to avoid showing you her face, but the same laws, luckily that protect her from being out here also protect me from showing you who she is. And so my hope is that you’ll donate $100 for every extra hour that this woman is out here telling people what is right for their bodies.”

– Brian Sims, Democratic PA Representative

This guy is a joke!  To make things worse, he’s offering $100 for the identities and addresses of three teenagers.  This isn’t just some activist, this is an elected man who is trying to ruin the lives of people who just want babies to NOT die.

Imagine being this guy and advocating for doxxing people because you want babies to freely be executed.  The democratic party has seriously gone insane at this point.  There has never been a time in  my life where I felt like voting for one party over the other was actually moral until recently.  By the way, what’s his reaction to him being a jerk?

That’s right, everyone calling him out is a “Bible Bully” with fake morals and broken values.  I’ve heard of this thing called “projection”, he may want to look into that and maybe have a little bit of self awareness, too.

Psychological projection is a defence mechanism in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.[1] For example, a person who is habitually rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. It incorporates blame shifting.

Psychological Projection, Wikipedia

I’ll leave you with some reactions to this “wonderful” man.  Put your thoughts about this guy in the comments.

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