Jacob Wohl Just Can’t Stop “Helping”, Claims There Is Evidence of Sexual Assault

The very “helpful” Jacob Wohl is having a Press conference about his next phase of his Mayor Pete sexual assault saga.  I don’t know who this guy thinks he is helping, but it certainly isn’t going to hurt Pete Buttigieg.  The hoax was found out within a couple hours of him posting the now deleted “Hunter Kelly Medium” post.

“Last week, our integrity was called into question by the national news media, leading to great confusion about the veracity of the sexual assault allegations again Mayor Pete,” says Burkman. “We let everyone have their say and draw their own conclusions, but video, pictures and a FOIA of the Mayor’s travel records don’t lie.  All of those who blathered and bloviated last week forgot a basic truth: hotels like the Mayflower have security cameras.”

Let it go Jacob Wohl, you’ve “helped” enough, stop dragging conservatives down with you.  You are a scammer, and no one is going to believe you anymore.  We have enough fake news out there that we don’t need you contributing to it.

As a quick refresher on what this is all about.  Jacob Wohl posed as a young man named Hunter Kelly to accuse Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg of sexual assault.  He posted a short post to medium proclaiming that it happened and he will be coming forward soon with more information.  People online were quick to point out all the flaws, such as the Twitter account was brand new, and the Medium post was the first and only post.  Also the profile picture was the same for both, which isn’t strange in itself, but the resolution was teeny tiny, almost like it was saved from a thumbnail.  Hunter Kelly came forward and the Daily Beast had a recording of Jacob Wohl trying to recruit people to proclaim Mayor Pete is a sexual predator.  It’s all very disturbing and the guy needs to go away.

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