Sleepy Joe Biden TAKES the Lead for 2020 Polls

Former Vice President, Sleepy Joe Biden, is ahead of his closest rival by 14 points.  Sleeping his way to the top!  Oh wait, that was another presidential candidate...  Joe Biden sits at 36 percent of the poll, and the next rival is Bernie Sanders at 22 percent.  I foretold this would happen in my original … Continue reading Sleepy Joe Biden TAKES the Lead for 2020 Polls


Never Ending Russian HOAX, Pelosi and Schumer Call Mueller to TESTIFY

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are calling on Robert Mueller to appear in front of Congress and the Senate to testify.

Robert Mueller’s CONFLICT of Interest With Donald Trump was Because of… Golf?

On page 78 of volume two of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller report on Russian involvement, Donald Trump slumped in his chair and said, Oh my God.  This is terrible.  This is the end of my Presidency.  I'm screwed with an F."

No COLLUSION? You Can Read the MUELLER Report, TOO!

A redacted version of the Mueller report was posted online for everyone to read here!  The report is 448 pages and has some lines blacked our with "HOM" or "Harm to Ongoing Matter" on top of it.