Another Loss for Free Speech

In my last post, I forgot about a very important free speech battle, and it isn’t going well. Count Dankula, the Nazi Pug guy.

Markus Meechan posted a video about turning his girlfriend’s “adorable” dog into a Nazi.  He prefaced the video by stating he wanted to turn the adorable dog into the worse thing he can think of, then got the pug riled up by asking him if he wants to “gas the Jews”.  And here it is…

He was in and out of court for nearly two years, and in April 2018, he was found guilty and was fined £800.  He didn’t care about paying the £800, but its a matter of principle, so he isn’t paying it.  He started a gofundme for the appeal, stating he needed about £100,000 for the best lawyers he could find.  However, he raised nearly £200,000 which he states he will not use for personal use.  If that wasn’t dumb enough for you, his second appeal attempt had failed.  Which means he has no more appeal attempts, and he is “forced” to pay the fine this coming October.

But he won’t, he is actually planning on go to jail for this, and as he says, “I won’t bend the f***ing knee”.  This truly is a terrible thing to happen, and I have a lot of sympathy for him.  Like his joke or not, it’s pretty obvious it was a joke and a bash against Nazis.  I thought it was pretty hilarious.

This is one of many reasons why free speech is so important, so we aren’t jailing people for making jokes.  Here is his latest recap on the whole thing, I gave you the short version.


Alex Jones, the Latest Saga in the Speech Wars

Alex Jones, if you don’t know who he is… Well he is pretty nutty. He runs the website, It’s a “news” website that often is just wildy wrong (sometimes he actually just shares news). I have seen quite a bit of his work, but its no surprise he gets labeled a conspiracy theorist. I’m sorry, if you can watch his talks about the frogs being gay and the President having weather weapons and believe it, you may have more problems than him.

I’m sure we can take Wikipedia’s take on Alex Jones as truth…


Ah, the alt-right label again. I have to stick up for anyone labeled “alt-right” or “far-right” because its a label that the media has adopted to discredit anyone. We will have to have a nice long talk about the alt-right. Well, lets get into the details.

August 5th, Apple removes Infowars from the podcast app for hate speech.

August 6th, Facebook removes Alex Jones pages for glorifying violence and using dehumanising language to describe trangender and, Muslims and immigrants.

August 6th, YouTube deletes the Infowars channel.


Why is this important? Because if they start to silence people, based on what they call “hate speech”, we are losing the battle for free speech. Hate speech to me, will not be hate speech to the next person, and even so, anyone should be able to say whatever they want to me. If I don’t like someones “hate speech”, I would just take my respect and values somewhere else.

How is this political left and right speech war going to go next. First the left took a swing and a hit against Roseanne for a “racist joke”. Then the right rebounds and strikes down James Gunn for “pedophilia jokes”. Then the left puts “white racist”, Sarah Jeong into the speech battlefield at the New York Times. Latest is the take down of Alex Jones, a giant conspiracy theorist with tons of followers, turning him into a martyr for “hate speech”.

We need to stop firing people for speech, especially jokes. Let the bad ideas come out, so we can chose for ourselves if we want to buy or ignore that product. Alex Jones is just another product to be pulled off the shelf and now we have no choice.

I want to finish this with a couple observations. First, all the big tech companies banned a conspiracy theorist, for different reasons, within a couple days. Second, banning things typically makes them more popular… Just saying.

Mayor Kane, Champion of Knox County

Kane, the big red machine, is going to be the newest mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.  Boy did this get me excited!  Full disclosure, I watched WWE until my late 20’s, and Kane and Undertaker were among my favorites, so this got me a little pumped up!  I just may need to move to Tennessee now.


Glenn Jacobs (Republican) defeated Linda Haney (Democrat), via count-out, for the Tennessee Heavyweight Mayor Belt.  Here is a campaign ad for his race…

If you skipped the video, the highlights are:

To tag team with local businesses to have everything they need.

To allign with teachers and administrators to help the schools create a competitive and world class work force that will attract businesses and create jobs.

To choke slam the government, so that it remains open and transparent so that every citizen in Know County has a voice.

To FIGHT to keep government small and keep taxes low.

kane logo

In WWE, Kane would come to the ring, raise his arms very dramatically, then drop the quickly as flames spew from the corners.  AND HE HAS FLAMES IN HIS LOGO!  Had I lived in Tennessee, I absolutely would’ve voted for him.  I would like to finish this by wishing Glenn Jacobs the best of luck, and congratulations.


Tommy Robinson is Free, For Now…

Tommy Robinson, founder of the English Defense League, has been released on bail after winning an appeal.  Tommy was jailed for “contempt of court” while streaming on Facebook live, outside a courthouse.  He was trying to show the defendants on an recently finished trial about a child rape gang case.  For further context, what he was streaming was all already public knowledge, however the case had “reporting restrictions”.  Robinson is a free speech advocate and has been a harsh critic of Muslims in the UK, stating they are not compatible with the culture and customs of the UK.  Here is the video about him being arrested…

After watching this, I’ve seen no reason for him to be arrested, but I am no master at UK law.  Immediately after his arrest, he was sentenced to 13 months.  He also had a previous suspended sentence, for filming a trial where four men where convicted of gang raping a 16 year old girl.

Now with most of the media, you’ll see little sympathy from them, and instead find things like this…

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The media typically uses “far-right” or “alt-right” to discredit people that don’t agree with them.  Needless to say, I’m a bit skeptical about what they say about him after seeing far-right plastered everywhere.  After some digging, and a lot of hit pieces on the guy, I found this presentation from him.  It outlines his life and his constant battle with the law, and is worth a watch if you want to know his perspective on the matters, which puts this new arrest into context.