How Does a White Male Run for 2020? Be Bernie

Bernie is running for the presidency again, and it looks like the packed Democratic primaries are already over if this trend continues.

After countless articles like this bashing white potential presidential candidates.  I find it pretty hilarious that Bernie Sanders utterly destroyed the most prominent woman that have announced their presidential bid, in the context of fund raising.  It’s been reported that he ended up raising $6 million.  This is also right off the heels people are bringing up old videos, such as this…

I just can’t help but see that all the talk about diversity and “fresh faces” is hypocritical when democrats and the left throw so much money at an old white man, the same group of people that are constantly blamed for all of our countries problems. It’s okay to be white, it’s okay to be black, it’s okay to be a man, it’s okay to be a woman.

Good luck Bernie, it should be an interesting election in 2020.