Don’t Live With People and Expect a Change

In a few days, I have to fire someone at work.  Major company policies were broken, and it is something that I cannot ignore.  This has been a long time coming, the reason he has lasted this long, is that he has been a dependable worker, he has never called in sick or even asked for days off.  The issue with him is his work isn’t worth his dependability anymore.

He’s been working with me for nearly four years, and he’s always been slow, and I thought, he will get faster.  His work is always inaccurate, but I thought, it will get accurate.  His paperwork has always been sloppy, but I thought, it will get more organized.  He left money out yesterday, but so and so called in and he was there.  He forgot to set the alarm, but I’ll talk to him and he won’t forget next time.

I’ve been making excuses and letting things slip passed me for the sake of dependability.  I always assumed I can talk him into doing better.  Eventually things will converge, and the breaking point hit when he left a new worker alone, with full access to the work safe.  If my new worker wasn’t trustworthy, she could’ve robbed us blind and we would be out, at least, $1000 today.  His excuse, “I needed to take care of stuff at the bank”.  I’ve never given any reason to let him think it would be alright to leave a new worker, by themselves, with a load of cash ready to steal.  And I can corroborate all this because I have cameras that backs up her story.

The story and the fallout aren’t what is important here, the important part is what lesson we can take out of it.  Don’t live (and work) with people and expect them to have a major change.  I sat down and talked with this guy at least once a week, for over four years, and he still made paperwork mistakes, policy mistakes, cash handling mistakes.  I have documentation of his poor performance, and have even given him a final warning.  He still hasn’t learned, and his bad behavior continued to plague the store.  No one wants to work with him, everyone complains about his performance.  How many times do I have to tell him to quit Snapchatting during work?  How many times do I have to tell him to stop letting his friends hang out and distract him from his work?  How many times do I have to work around him… before I learn!?  What an idiot I have been to let him skate by and get paid while making every other worker stressed.

I let my other employees know what was going on, and the difference in attitude among associates was astounding.  I never realized just how much this one workers dead weight was dragging us all down and the relief I felt when I decided to rip the bandage off was very uplifting.  We will be a stronger team with out him.  If someone doesn’t fit with your work or life, don’t try to hard to make it work, not much will change probably.