Clown Meme is TAKING Over and Causing OUTRAGE

Just watch this before we continue…

What the hell did we all just watch? That was “Honk Honk” or “Honkler”, the spinoff of the “Pepe the Frog”. He/she represents the idea of clown world, a world that has become so crazy and full of nihilism, that its as if it is run by clowns. The world is a huge joke, and you should stop being so angry and just be laugh. This probably would be a bigger hit if he wasn’t derived from Pepe, since the media has spun poor Pepe so hard, he is now a figure to “Neo Nazis” (all five of them). That puts Honk Honk in the crossfire of the Pepe reputation and a new meme.

Just look up some current events and you can see all the weird and crazy news going on that makes our world seem like a clown world. Who would have thought that Donald Trump would become our president? We have straight up lies going in circles in our Congress (Search Candace Owens). We have a bunch of our states, actually taking the President off their state ballots because of tax returns (Recently Illinois is passing this). We have laws prosecuting people over Nazi jokes (Search Count Dankula).

It’s very strange but thats ok, because we get this… ummm gem?

Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 9.34.14 PM-01

If you are interested in more about this meme, you can go to “knowyourmeme” and read up on it. What do you guys think? Is Honk Honk just a troll meme, a meme to make everyone forget their problems, or is it the alt-right spreading their propaganda again?